Defeating Coronavirus 4

A good friend of mine is today returning from hospital having had cancer of the kidney and consequently it removed. He is still very poorly but going home from hospital today. When I spoke to him last night on the phone, he said how grateful and lucky he was to be alive.

Defeating Coronavirus 3

After the Battle of Alamein in 1942, the first significant victory of the Second World War, Winston Churchill spoke in the Mansion House about the situation our country then faced. He stated “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.

Defeating Coronavirus 2

We are certainly living in ‘interesting’ times. Welcome to a completely new Beckenham. None of us has experienced anything remotely like what the Prime Minister ordered last night.

Defeating Coronavirus 1

In accordance with Government instructions and like so many others I am now in isolation and my parliamentary work will be done from my home in Beckenham.

Visting Phonic Stars

Today, Friday 6 March, I visited Phonic Stars in Coney Hall Assembly Rooms. It is a playgroup run by Sam Baldwin which aims to develop skills in pre-school children - particularly reading.

Debate on Worldwide Persecution of Christians on 6 February 2020

The Vatican suggested in 2014 that about 100,000 Christians were being severely persecuted. Open Doors suggests that 11 Christians are killed every day—or 4,000 a year. Christians are probably the most persecuted religious sect in the world.

Climate Change Debate

I spoke in this week's Climate Change Debate as follows:

I fully accept that mankind is changing the earth’s climate. I have always worried about how we are altering the air we breathe, but I feel our actions are now turning the weather.

Some Priorities for Me

It is Boxing Day but Happy Christmas to anyone who reads this post.  This is a great time of year – especially for those lucky enough to have loved ones but there are still far too many people who have neither families nor a permanent roof over their head.  Although I was a co-sponsor, with Rober