A Way Ahead Maybe?

I do not think another round of lockdown restrictions will work. I watched Messrs Whitty and Vallance’s press conference yesterday and was less than impressed. Why were there no questions allowed from journalists - or fellow scientists for that matter?

What else is happening?

Of course, we are quite rightly fixated on COVID-19 and BREXIT, along with the way our own lives are being affected by these massive developments.  But I am slightly worried that we, as a country, may well be missing other developments in the World that will have huge impact on us in future.  I w

To Mask or Not to Mask

I remain pretty confused about this business of wearing face masks.  I first expressed reservations about the efficacy of face coverings in a post on Friday 24 April and came to the tentative conclusion then that they may have little effect. 

Protests must be peaceful

I am seriously worried by the fact that so many (meant to be peaceful) demonstrations end up by being anything but.  The motives of organisers may be sincere, right and proper but it appears that too often now the demonstrations are unfortunately used as a catalyst by some in the crowds.

Food Standards and Chlorinated Chicken

I am receiving an increasing number of e mails from people worried by a campaign which suggests we are about to abandon food standards and indeed receive ‘chlorinated chicken’ form the United States.

Black Lives Matter

Who isn’t horrified about what happened to an African American man called George Floyd in Minnesota when a policeman knelt on his neck until no air could get through to his lungs and he suffocated? I abhor what happened to George Floyd.

Defeating Coronavirus 72

Yesterday I was briefed by the Leader and Chief Executive of Bromley Council on the local situation in what has now become a weekly ritual.

Defeating Coronavirus 70

For most of my life I have relied and treasured the BBC as a national institution.  As a boy, living with my parents in the Middle East (Jordan, Aden and Cyprus), I remember always hearing the signature tune, Lilliburlero after the gripping words ‘This is London’ before news bulletins on the Worl

Defeating Coronavirus 69

It seems to me that traffic and people outside walking around are very much back to normal despite the fact that we are still meant to be in lockdown.

Defeating Coronavirus 69

Today I want to have a look at the system we are trying to introduce which is called Contact Tracing.