Wednesday 20 November

I spent the day in West Wickham, Coney Hall (photo with Philip Bond) and 'Old' Hayes yesterday. Then, in the evening, I supported telephone canvassing from the Beckenham Conservative Office. At least the weather was fine and I did not get wet - unlike last week.

Tuesday 19 November

Yesterday I did some leafleting in Central Croydon and afterwards campaigned in Eden Park and then Copers Cope where I stopped for coffee with Maggie Hopgood in Deli Nene (photo).

Monday 18 November

Several Beckenham residents have asked me what the Government was doing to help the people of Hong Kong. I am also inundated with e mails on the subject - most from within Hong Kong itself. So today I will raise a matter that is not a domestic issue for once.

Sunday 17 November

Yesterday I started by joining friends for breakfast at the new Café Tiya in Croydon Road. Thereafter I went into Beckenham itself to join a street stall. We set-up the stall at Thornton’s Corner and also campaigned along the High Street.

Saturday 16 November

Yesterday I campaigned mainly in Beckenham Centre, Copers Cope and Shortlands principally in the Foxgrove Avenue, Copers Cope Road and Valley Road areas.  As I did so I was photographed with Mark of Godfreys Shoe Repairs and Locksmiths at Beckenham Junction where I also had a couple of keys cut.

Friday 15 November

Today Robert Straker and I spent most of our time in West Wickham, Coney Hall and Hayes. We delivered leaflets and spoke to as many people as we could both on the streets and in the shops.

Thursday 14 November

For me the main event of yesterday occurred at 10 am. Accompanied by Tony Power, my agent, I was registered as a parliamentary candidate with Bromley Electoral Services. I am now the official Conservative Candidate for the Constituency of Beckenham.

Wednesday 13 November

I campaigned in the very wet rain and cold yesterday afternoon; ending up at the Langley Sports Club (photo with staff). There Robert Straker joined me with his new car which he had bought recently for a bargain price.

Tuesday 12 November

Last night Tony Power, Shaun Slater, Neil Jopson, Maggie Hopgood and Neil Cropper and myself met at 46 Church Avenue to determine how things were going and what more we needed to do for the General Election Campaign.

Monday 11 November

My car went on the blink on Saturday so I had to coax it into my usual garage, Church Motors in Cromwell Road, this morning at 0730hrs. In a way that's fine as it encouraged me to walk around the Constituency today - so good for me in more ways than one.