Defeating Coronavirus 65

All schools have been closed since 18 March which by my count is 9 weeks. Accepted that 3 weeks of that was when the Easter holidays would have taken place, that still leaves a gap of 6 weeks of non-attendance to date.


Mr Dominic Cummings: My Position

Mr Dominic Cummings seems to have been out of line to break lockdown instructions.  Personally, I felt rather ashamed as the rest of us are all bidden to obey the rules and those directives appear to have been broken. 

Defeating Coronavirus 64

The Home Secretary has announced that from 8 June travellers arriving in the UK will have to self-isolate for 14 days or risk being fined, prosecuted or deported if they do not.

Defeating Coronavirus 63

Everyone wants a Coronavirus vaccine.  It would be a passport back to normality and is thus the Holy Grail being sought throughout the World.  Sadly, as in mythology, it is very elusive.  Scientists both here and elsewhere are striving with every sinew to produce the magic inoculation or injectio

Defeating Coronavirus 62

Probably the most important thing I learnt when an Army officer in the Cheshire Regiment was to honestly admit mistakes, apologise and rectify them and then move on.

Defeating Coronavirus 61

As I understand perhaps the most crucial assumption which led to lockdown was that we had to stay at home so that less people were infected with Coronavirus which meant that fewer people with COVID-19 were admitted to an NHS which could be overwhelmed.  Well, it wasn’t overwhelmed and the NHS was

Defeating Coronavirus 60

So far COVID-9 has killed about 300,000 people worldwide.  In 2019 58,000,000 across the globe died.  That’s 1/200th or half of one per cent of annual deaths in the World. 

Defeating Coronavirus 59

We have all heard that our armed forces have been pitched into the fight against Coronavirus but what they are actually doing is largely hidden.

Defeating Coronavirus 58

I have just the tiniest feeling that things are moving back to normal. There is definitely more traffic and the buses which pass my gate seem fuller. I wonder where people are going in them though, as Bromley Town Centre is still a ghost town and pubs, cafes and restaurants aren’t open.

Defeating Coronavirus 57

I totally back the Chancellor’s efforts to keep people in jobs and am saddened that, even so, many people fall outside the various schemes.  I know that from my postbag.