Becalmed at Westminster

Many people talking to me say much the same these days. Firstly, like us, you must be bored sick by BREXIT and, secondly, that life must be very busy for you in Westminster at the moment.

The Threat in the High North

I do not often write about military matters because there are no MOD bases in my constituency. But I want to do so now to highlight a military matter which I believe we ignore at our peril.

Extinction Rebellion; Good Message Wrong Means

A polite and but determined 16-year-old speaking as a ‘climate warrior’ arrives in the UK and she is feted for her message and because of her youth.  I presume she is has absence permission from her school and her parent’s consent.  Most certainly though she has made a mark already in her short l

Another 6 Months?

We have been negotiating our departure from the European Union for over 2 years and I am aghast that we have extended that period by up to another 6 months. Parliament has now decided conclusively (without my vote though) that we cannot leave without a deal.

Helping High Street Shops

Today, Sunday 7th April, I appeared on BBC 1's Sunday Politics show with Karen Buck MP and Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.  Although obviously we had to discuss BREXIT I wanted to particularly concentrate on the demise of small shops in our high streets and was given a couple of minutes to just that

BREXIT: A Way Ahead Maybe?

There have been two sets of what have been called indicative votes as well as other debates (yesterday) over the last week. For the third time Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement has been rejected. Leaving the European Union without a deal was rejected.

Voting on Mrs May's Deal Mark III

Every Conservative and Labour MP in the House of Commons was elected at the last General Election on a mandate to leave the European Union in accordance with the result of the verdict of the 2016 Referendum. That was straightforward.

In the Kazakhstan Embassy for Football

As Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Kazakhstan I was invited to join Ambassador Erlan Idrissov in the Kazakh Embassy to watch the UEFA EURO qualifying game between his country and Scotland last Thursday night.

Approaching the End Game

Mrs May has been and returned from the EU Council in Brussels on 21 March.  She came back with no perceivable changes to her proposed withdrawal agreement but an agreement to extend the Article 50 implementation period to 12 April in the event of her agreement not being agreed by Parliament and a