Wednesday 31 May

Today I started standing in Elmers End (Tesco Car Park) and then went into Beckenham.  At Beckenham Junction I popped into Godfrey’s Shoe Repairs (where I always get my own shoes fixed) and where I was photographed with Luke Godfrey.  After lunch I went canvassing in Coney Hall.  The subject of s

Tuesday 30 May

Today I spent some time in Kelsey and Eden Park where I met up with Junior Soora, Phil Hartley and Amarit Soora of BBS Building Supplies.  Amarit showed me that he had put my campaign billboard on his trucks which tickled me as they go everywhere.

Monday 29 May

I was conscious that it was a bank holiday today and did not want to bother people on their doorsteps.  Nonetheless I felt it important to be on the streets and so my day started when Neil Cropper and I had a full English in Em and Lou’s Café.  Fortified for the day we then wandered around concen

Sunday 28 May

It was hot work delivering leaflets to three postal districts in Central Croydon today.  A team of three of us did so; Tony Power, Neil Cropper and myself spent 3 hours on the job.  Thereafter Neil and I went and did a walkabout in Beckenham before we ate a late lunch in Chom.

Saturday 27 May

We were in the High Street, Beckenham in force today with a stall and activists walking the streets too.  It was good to see old friends like Neil Cropper turn up and I have to thank Maggie Hopgood, Tony Power and Steve Wells for organising it all.  I was very pleased when a group of very recent

Friday 26 May

I wanted to visit several places today as the General Election Campaign was now re-starting properly after the tragedy which occurred in Manchester.  So, I began in Hayes quite early but cut my campaigning short to visit a lady, who had asked to see me to discuss Conservative policy in Shortlands

Thursday 25 May

I started today with a strictly non-political interview on BBC Radio London. At 7.20am  I was quizzed by Vanessa Feltz about the Manchester Bombing on Monday evening in my capacity as a retired Army officer who had also been involved in Military Intelligence. 

Wednesday 24 May

I did not campaign for the General Election today in accordance with the Conservative Party's decision not to do so as a mark of respect and condolence for those children and adults killed and hurt in the Manchester Bomb.

Tuesday 23 May

Like everyone in the country I am deeply saddened by what happened last night in Manchester.  My thoughts go out to anyone who lost a relative or friend as well as those who were hurt.  That is all I wish to write today.

Monday 22 May

After a brief planning meeting at the Beckenham Conservative Office early morning,  Councillor Steve Wells and I went up and down Beckenham High Street visiting shops and talking to people.