Meeting Michel Barnier, Chief EU BREXIT Negotiator

I spent today, Monday 22nd January, in Brussels. The main reason for being there was to meet with Michel Barnier, the European Union's Chief BREXIT Negotiator. I went with five other MPs, all from the Northern Ireland Select Committee.

The Renewed Slug and Lettuce in Beckenham

Today I visited the recently renovated ‘Slug and Lettuce’ in Beckenham High Street. It is accurately described as a small chain pub (its owners are the Stonegate Pub Company) and it now also boasts a small cocktail bar.

How some banks ruin SMEs

There is something badly wrong, indeed immoral, with the way some banks are dealing with small and medium sized businesses. On 18 January the appalling tactics of some of them were debated in the House of Commons.

The Palestinian/Israeli Situation

I have a great affection for Israel and Jordan having lived there as a boy with my parents (photograph shows me with my younger brother and parents in Amman during 1954).

Christmas Generosity by the Police and Onodi Car Sales

Happy Christmas everyone that reads this post. In the spirit of Christmas may I relate a very generous act carried out by members of the Metropolitan Police and a local West Wickham based company called Onodi Car Sales?

Appearance on BBC 1's Sunday Politics

On Sunday 17 December Bob Stewart was a guest on the London Edition of BBC 1's Sunday Politics Programme.  He appeared alongside Labour's Croydon Central  MP, Sarah Jones and they were interviewed by Jo Coburn. 

The Christmas Tree

Shortlands Christmas Trees is a small business started by friends William and Matthew in 2012. Positioned in the car park at Shortlands Station it is where Bob Stewart normally goes to get his family Christmas tree. On Saturday 16 December he did just that again.

25th Anniversary of British Army Entry into Bosnia

On Monday 30 October Colonel Bob Stewart, British United Nations Battle Group Commander in Bosnia 1992-93, commemorated the armed services' entry into Bosnia on what was called OPERATION GRAPPLE 1 by hosting a dinner in the House of Commons.