Defeating Coronavirus 16

I very much hope that Boris Johnson is going to be fine and fit as quickly as possible. The statement from Downing Street is straight:

Defeating Coronavirus 15

We now have 3,700 Bromley people who have volunteered to help vulnerable people locally. They are being marshalled by 50 members of the Council staff and the whole endeavour is being coordinated by the Bromley Emergency Control Centre (BECC) in the Council offices (photograph).

Defeating Coronavirus 14

I wonder how many of us have Coronavirus/COVID-19 with mild symptoms or do not even realise we had it? Who can tell right now? We just do not know.

Defeating Coronavirus 13

Thank goodness we have the media. It is a lifeline – for everyone. For people like me it tells us what is going on in the world outside our cocooned locked-down world. Each day so many of us learn what is happening in the fight against Coronavirus by television, radio or on-line news outlets.

Defeating Coronavirus 12

We are in a waiting game. We are waiting for this wretched virus’ infections to peak and then start to diminish. Like other infections in the end it will disappear but how far we are from the end is anyone’s guess.

Defeating Coronavirus 11

We need to know just how many people are infected with Coronavirus.  We need to know how many people have had it and recovered from the illness.  We need to know how many people have not had it.  We need to know how many people have had it but may not have paid particular attention to it at the t

Defeating Coronavirus 10

It is tragic that a 13 -year-old boy from Brixton has died of Coronavirus. A girl of 12 has also died in Brussels. How awful for their families. Everyone feels for their extreme grief as we do for any family that has lost someone.

Defeating Coronavirus 9

It’s hard enough living through this Coronavirus crisis if you are confined to home but I really feel for quite a few Beckenham constituents who, to my knowledge, remain stranded abroad in places like Peru, Columbia, Spain, Morocco, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Defeating Coronavirus 8

According to the BBC we now have 268 confirmed cases in Bromley Borough, out of a 331,096 local population.

Defeating Coronavirus 7

I start this post with an apology.  A couple of hours ago I put out advice on trying to protect and detect against Coronavirus.