Defeating Coronavirus 26

Sadly, Bromley Borough now has 815 people confirmed as having Coronavirus which is up 30 folk over the last 24 hours. Across the country 861 more people have died in the last day making our total national death rate 13,729 which is a significant increase on the day before.

Defeating Coronavirus 25

I have now had several constituents complain to me that their treatments on the NHS have been postponed until a later date.

Defeating Coronavirus 24

I have deliberately not been political in any one of the twenty-three Coronavirus posts I have written on Facebook and my Website. However, there are beginning to be political demands for a lockdown exit strategy to be published and even that these should be revealed by Wednesday next week.

Defeating Coronavirus 23

How responsible is the Chinese Government for the turmoil being caused throughout the World by the Coronavirus? The latest figures suggest that 119,686 people across the World (11,329 of them in UK) have died as a result or in part because of CIVID-19.

Defeating Coronavirus 21

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. I wish you all the best for it and a recovering future for all of us. Easter is a time of hope and we could do with some of that in our present circumstances.

Defeating Coronavirus 20

Six days ago, I wrote a post on both my website and Facebook in which I pondered how many of us have Coronavirus/COVID-19 with mild symptoms or do not even realise we had it?

Defeating Coronavirus 19

Happy Easter and it's one like no other. I am so sorry for people who cannot attend services through the weekend but, from my contacts with local vicars, I know that a lot of churches are now doing the services virtually on line. That is some good news at least.

Defeating Coronavirus 18

Today I want to discuss how we should counter the misleading claim sometimes put around that just being strong, tough, fit or indeed young makes a person less susceptible to catching or surviving Coronavirus. I don’t think it does necessarily at all.

Defeating Coronavirus 17

Nothing before, perhaps throughout history, has devastated the way we live like Coronavirus. From my windows I can see the 358 bus plough up and down the street; it’s often empty.