The Vote on 12 March

On the evening of Tuesday 12 March the House of Commons voted on whether to accept the Prime Minister's Draft Withdrawal Agreement as amended by some negotiations in Strasbourg the night before. The vote went against Mrs May with 391 Mps voting against the deal and only 242 voting for it.

Voting on 12 - 14 March 2019

Next Tuesday, 12 March, I will be asked to vote on whether to accept Mrs May’s Draft Withdrawal Agreement (hopefully amended) or not.  If her plan is rejected then on the following two days there will be a vote first on not accepting a withdrawal on World Trade Organization rules (a so-called ‘No

Letter to Daily Telegraph on 4th March 2019

Today, 4th March, the following letter about the lack of support for soldiers being investigated for their involvement in fatality shootings in Northern Ireland was published in the Daily Telegraph. With other MPs I was a signatory to the letter.

The Loan Charge

On Friday 28th March I again met a group of constituents (see photograph) who have been very adversely affected by being miss-sold an employment arrangement involving remuneration through ‘loans’.  HMRC have now deemed such arrangements to be unacceptable when previously they were perfectly alrig

Three Crucial Votes

Our Constitution implies that there is Collective Cabinet Responsibility and that means loyalty to whatever is decided in Cabinet meetings.  It’s a real sign of the times when three Cabinet ministers publicly threaten to resign if policy is not changed and they are not sacked by the Prime Ministe

My Approach to any 'Meaningful' Vote

People keep asking me what I might do  whenever the next ‘meaningful’ vote takes place which could be the 12th March.  The simple answer is that I do not know because nobody has seen the motions upon which we will be voting or indeed what they will say.  So my reply can only be that I do not know

A Hard Border?

From January 1981 – January 1983 I had the privilege of commanding some great soldiers in A Company, 1st Battalion the 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment and was based in Northern Ireland.

Recent speech in Parliament to remember the Holocaust

Bob Stewart (Beckenham) (Con)   On 27 April 1993, I stooped to pick up what I thought was a black rubber ball. I put it in my hand, looked at it and then dropped it in horror. I had picked up the blackened, burnt head of a baby. I was horrified and guilty.

The Meaningful Vote on 15 January 2019

Last week a vote in Parliament on the so-called Grieve amendment split the Commons but not on traditional Government/Opposition lines.  No, the split occurred between those who wanted to deliver what was promised in the Referendum and those that wanted to change that result.  Each House of Common