Defeating Coronavirus 36

Clearly Coronavirus is a plague in which anyone at all can be infected and from which many people die.

Defeating Coronavirus 35

A month or so ago I seem to recall the Chief Scientific Officer announcing that we would be ‘doing well’ if we came out of the Coronavirus Crisis with less than 20,000 deaths.

Defeating Coronavirus 34

I and my family are lucky. We live in a house with a decent sized garden. It is easy for us to self-isolate in a pretty reasonable way. We can go out into the garden and sit there, perhaps reading a book in the sun (or not) and even sipping a coffee or drink.

Defeating Coronavirus 33

To mask or not to mask that is the problem. When I go for my daily walk or shopping, I note with a little guilty alarm the increasing numbers (and they are increasing) of veiled constituents out and about like myself. I suspect they, in their turn, may regard my naked face with some unease.

Defeating Coronavirus 32

It is unsurprising that the Government was at first reluctant to lockdown the country. Government here is by consent. We are a liberal democracy and not like China where Government decrees are obeyed to the letter and dissenters are locked up or worse.

Defeating Cotonavirus 31

I watched Parliament yesterday, remotely and from my home office desk in Shortlands.  Clearly it is a unique and very different experience to being present in the Chamber. It did not sit well with me though.

Defeating Coronavirus 30

Today Parliament reconvenes. Thank goodness for that but, and there is a big but, it’s in virtual form. MPs are to get together remotely and are told to stay at home. It is the best we can do under the circumstances. We shall have to see how it works out.

Defeating Coronavirus 29

Over the last 4 weeks I have been contacted by four separate companies variously saying that they have NHS equipment such as masks, gowns and ventilators but they are having great difficulty in dealing with those that procure such items for the NHS.  They told me that, in their experience, the NH

Defeating Coronavirus 28

I’m as fed up as so many others must be at the moment. Actually, I have to say I am rather angry too, as well as frustrated, irritated and questioning.

Defeating Coronavirus 27

Tragically 14,576 deaths now have been reported in the United Kingdom with COVID-19 being a contributing factor. What a huge tragedy for all who have died, their families and us as a society too.