Visit to St. Symphorian First World War Military Cemetery in Belgium

On Friday 4th July and in remembrance that the First World War which started almost 100 years ago Bob visited several First World War Military Cemeteries in Belgium.  In particular he sought the last resting places of officers and soldiers of our local regiment, The Royal West Kent Regiment.  The photograph shows him at the grave of twenty year old Lieutenant D.C.C, Sewell who died on 10th September 1914.

Visit to Coloma Court

On Friday 27th June 2014  Bob visited Coloma Court, the nursing and residential home on Layhams Lane.  On the estate pf the Daughters of Mary and Joseph the home has 68 bedrooms and sits in a beautiful location overlooking lovely countryside.  Bob talked to residents and also spent some time with the Resident Sister and Matron Manager.  The photograph shows Bob with Maria Covington, the Matron Manager and Sister.

Visit to HMS Somerset

As part of his parliamentary duties as a member of the Defence Select Committee between 20 - 22 June Bob visited HMS Somerset on operational patrol returning from the Arabian Gulf.  The ship had been away from the United Kingdom for almost 6 months.  In the photograph Bob is seen with crew members and a Scan Eagle device being trialled for possible use by the Royal Navy.

Defence Committee Visits Frontline NATO States in the Baltic

As a member of the House of Commons Defence Committee Bob visited Latvia and Estonia between 9th - 11th June 2014.  The purpose of the visit was to assess just how great was the threat to the security of the Baltic States from an apparently resurgent Russia. All the Baltic states, including the third one, Lithuania, have their security guaranteed under the NATO Charter which means that if they were invaded the United Kingdom would be treaty bound to defend them.  This visit occurred as a direct result of recent Russian expansion into Ukraine.  Bob was photographed outside NATO's Cyber Warfare Centre in Talinn, Estonia.

Defence Committee Visits Frontline NATO States in the Baltic

From 9th - 11th June 2014 Bob visited first Latvia and then Estonia with the House of Commons Defence Committee.  The purpose of the visit was for MPs to assess just how great was the threat from Russia; bearing in mind that both countries are on Russia's borders and the United Kingdom is expected to defend them under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. Obviously recent events in Ukraine worry the Baltic States greatly.  Bob is pictured outside NATO's recently established Cyber Warfare Centre in Talinn, Estonia.  

Hayes Fair 2014

Despite the fact that a thunderstorm had occurred just prior to Hayes Fair opening the weather luckily turned out to be warm and sunny. As usual the fair was a great success.  Bob spent several hours at the fair and was very impressed by the enthusiastic and very professional displays put on by local children in the arena.  In particular he really enjoyed the jazz played by Hayes School Jazz Band which he thought to be of a very high standard.  Bob is photographed with two friends - Steve (left) and Pete (right) - who he seems to meet at the fair every year! 

Shortlands Station Supporting Demelza Hospice Care for Children

Shortlands Station staff closed their car park and opened a small fair instead on Saturday 7th June 2014.  The station staff wanted to support the work of Demelza Hospice Car for Children which is a charity looking after children across Kent, South East London and East Sussex.  Bob visited the stalls, bouncy castle and inspected the stocks designed for the Station managers.  Sadly the weather was not ideal but nonetheless it was really good effort by the railway staff and showed how just how much Shortlands Station is a part of the local community.  In the photograph Bob is shown with two of the staff - holding a rather exotic flower which he had purchased for his wife!

Slimming World Members sponsor the Robinson Suite at the PRUH

On Tuesday 27 May Bob Stewart was present when local branches of Slimming World presented a cheque for £3,116 which supporters had raised to help equip the Robinson Bereavement Suite in the Maternity Unit of the Prncess Royal University Hospital.  The Mayor and Mayoress of Bromley, Councillor and Mrs Ernest Noad, were also at the event.  Slimming World's efforts were hiugely appreciated by everyone present - especially the PRUH's fantastic medical proffesionals who, very sadly, sometimes have to deal with the tragedy of the death of a baby.

Kings, the PRUH and the Beacon

The amalgamation of Kings Hospital and the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) as well as the Beckenham Beacon seems to be going well.  On Tuesday 27 May Bob visited the PRUH and talked to staff who universally stated it was working well and was in the best interests of patients. He was also told that facilities at the Beacon were being enhanced as well.

Visit to Amnesty International Stall

On Saturday 17 May Bob visited the Bromley, Beckenham and Orpington Amnesty International Stall positioned outside the Churchill Theatre in Bromley.  There he met with activists who were campaigning for women and girls' rights in Afghanistan.  Bob explained that he had twice met with female Afghan MPs whilst in Kabul and would do all he could to help even though |british influence in the country was likely to diminish with the departure of our troops at the end of the year.