Defeating Coronavirus 56

I don’t think I had honestly noticed the term fake news before Donald Trump started trumpeting it at his press conferences when asked on subjects he did not like. But it has always been around. Fake news in the United States is often called yellow journalism.

Defeating Coronavirus 55

Over the last 7 weeks absolute adherence to the scientific advice of how to tackle Coronavirus has become a bit of a sacred cow which cannot be challenged.  The mantra was ‘Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives’ was it not?  Most certainly it featured prominent at the top of the speaking stand

Defeating Coronavirus 54

As far as I am concerned if and when the first child goes back to school so do I to Westminster. How can MPs do otherwise? It would be so wrong. Parliament must find a way of dealing with social distancing in Westminster. I cannot stay at home if kids are going out to school.

Defeating Coronavirus 53

The House of Commons is sitting (not)! Well a handful of MPs socially distancing might be but the vast majority dial in from their homes right across the country.

Defeating Coronavirus 52

I have been challenged quite a few times (by e mail) about what the ‘Stay Alert’ slogan, introduced by Boris Johnson on Sunday evening, really means. The originators of those mails have suggested that the words ‘Stay Alert’ are ‘meaningless’, ‘shallow’ and ‘unclear’. Well I beg to differ.

Defeating Coronavirus 51

Yesterday morning I took part in a weekly Coronavirus Management Conference with the Leader, Deputy Leader and Chief Executive of Bromley Council together with a few of their staff. Other local MPs were on the call too.


Defeating Coronavirus 50

With his speech to the Nation the Prime Minister has cautiously changed the conditions of lockdowna little.

Defeating Coronavirus 49

It’s quite difficult to gauge the mood of the people sometimes but maybe the most accurate way at the moment is by opinion polls.  I understand too that gathering information for polls has not been too difficult during lockdown so their accuracy may not have been much affected by lockdown.

Defeating Coronavirus 48

It must be very difficult for young people at the moment. For them youth is all about excitement – going out, hanging together, parties, pubs, clubs, London and dating (doesn’t that really show my age?)! All gone for them 7 plus weeks ago and really with no change date in sight.

Defeating Coronavirus 47

Today, 75 years ago the country celebrated victory in Europe. However, the war with Japan was still running and would cost many additional lives for a few more months. But what a huge relief the end of war in Europe must have been.