Wednesday 24 May

I did not campaign for the General Election today in accordance with the Conservative Party's decision not to do so as a mark of respect and condolence for those children and adults killed and hurt in the Manchester Bomb.

Tuesday 23 May

Like everyone in the country I am deeply saddened by what happened last night in Manchester.  My thoughts go out to anyone who lost a relative or friend as well as those who were hurt.  That is all I wish to write today.

Monday 22 May

After a brief planning meeting at the Beckenham Conservative Office early morning,  Councillor Steve Wells and I went up and down Beckenham High Street visiting shops and talking to people.

Sunday 21 May

This morning I went to our usual Sunday RV in Shirley Hills Car Park to help deliver leaflets for Gavin Barwell, the Conservative Candidate for Central Croydon.

Saturday 20 May

We had a really well attended street stall near Hayes Station this morning.  I was very pleased that so many activists turned out for it including councillors Mary Cooke, Neil Reddin, Peter Fortune and Graham Arthur.

Friday 19 May

I know others may not agree but I now believe television election debates between a whole batch of ‘wannabe’ prime ministers leading both major as well as minor parties to be superficial, largely meaningless and trite.  They give secondary political top dogs the same air time as serious contender

Thursday 18 May

Today the Conservative Manifesto was launched by the Prime Minister in what was once political enemy territory but now, maybe, the ‘no man’s land’ of Halifax.  Our Manifesto seems fair, sensible and realistic – especially when it comes to accounting for the nation’s finances.  Unlike Labour and t

Wednesday 17 May

Today I concentrated on the South of the Constituency starting in Coney Hall and walking down Gates Green Road to Nash before going cross-country (soaked!) to Fox Lane, up to Keston Village and then through Hayes Common to re-join the car.

Tuesday 16 May

Up to now in this campaign I hadn’t been in Old Hayes beyond travelling through it to go to somewhere like Keston.   So, I put that right today when I walked around the shops in Hayes Street.  The photograph shows me with Lee and Yusuf at the Hayes Village Fish Bar. 

Monday 15 May

I gather the pollster company, YouGov, has reported that support for staying in the European Union has nose-dived from about 48 per cent to about 22 per cent of the population.  Apparently 68 per cent of the electorate also now believe that we must come out of the EU.  I don’t trust opinion polls