Wednesday 6 November

With Councillor Mary Cooke and my wife Claire I started the day selling poppies at Shortlands Station. I am proud to be an Honorary Member of Beckenham Rotary Club and, again this year, our very active branch is organising collecting for the Royal British Legion. Obviously I didn't wear a Conservative rosette because Remembrance is not political. Nonetheless it was decent of quite a few people to come up, buy a poppy, wish me luck and say they will be voting for me. Thank you.

Thereafter I went to the Beckenham Conservatives' Office in Church Avenue where I met up with my agent and fellow rotarian, Tony Power who has just came back from Japan having been there to watch the Rugby World Cup. Like everyone he was much saddened by England's defeat in Tokyo. But regardless of that we did pretty well to get to the final.

I suspect many people are more than aware of my feelings about Jeremy Corbyn's long-time support for the Provisional IRA which I consider to be despicable especially when for so many years of that support our soldiers were being killed by its members who were murderous terrorists. Sadly on the streets I find many young people who simply have no knowledge of what happened in Northern Ireland and obviously therefore no knowledge of Mr Corbyn's involvement there. What is even more worrying is that several have said, once I have explained, that it was a long time in the past and we should forget it. But it isn't and we fail to remember Corbyn's actions in supporting the Provisional IRA at our peril.

So I am unsurprised that the Times has carried reports that Britain's security would be at risk if Jeremy Corbyn ever became Prime Minister. In particular the most successful Intelligence alliance in history which dates back to World War 2, the so-called Five Eyes Agreement between the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and us, would be in real jeopardy. He is also opposed to Trident (he simply doesn't understand that it is a deterrent and as such not meant to be used) and he has supported several states that are markedly against us as well as other terrorist groups like Hamas. He even took his time to condemn the Salisbury chemical weapon poisoning by Russian agents.

I believe that Corbyn in Number 10 Downing Street would put the security of our nation at huge risk. Hopefully the electorate will get that when they place their vote on 12 December. If not I worry greatly for our country.