SLHT Meeting

Bob Stewart MP met with Caroline Taylor, the South London Healthcare NHS Trust Special Administrator on Thursday 18th July.  They discussed proposed changes to hospital arrangements in the Beckenham area.

Bob confirmed his earlier impression that there are few changes, if any, envisaged with regard to medical services provided at the Beckenham Beacon.  Indeed such services could indeed be improved for local residents.

Bob raised two particular matters with Mrs Taylor.

Firstly, they discussed the use of operating theatres for all seven days of the week. In response Mrs Taylor suggested that Kings Hospital will be making greater use of operating theatres and surgical staff than has been the case in the past and most certainly increased usage, including weekends, is highly likely.

Secondly, Bob raised the important issue of care and compassion for patients in hospital beds – particularly at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH).  He was assured that Kings Hospital Trust, which takes responsibility for the PRUH with effect from 1st October 2013, fully intends to improve and monitor the manner in which in-patient's are cared for both during the week and especially at weekends.