Saturday 6 May

Today I began by dropping my son off at the BYMT for 9am.  Then I went and had breakfast with chums at in the Moonlight Cafe at 269 Croydon Road as I often normally do on a Saturday.  The Moonlight Cafe's owner is Mr Remzi Yidirum who is now a good friend.  This morning we were photographed together after my breakfast.  I talked to a few people in the street and then in Elmers End Tesco Superstore.

Thereafter I retrieved my son from BYMT and took the family out for lunch in the Lugana in Eden Park Avenue.  During the afternoon I took myself off to the very South of Beckenham's Constituency, around Rectory and Church roads in Keston. Actually Keston Church, where I was photographed, is on the South side of Church Road and thus just in the Orpington Constituency.  I stayed at home this evening.