Hunting with Hounds

A small number of constituents have written to me on the subject of hunting with hounds.  They are very much against any suggestion of there being a repeal of the current law which forbids, particularly foxhunting using packs of dogs. To be straight the matter is not a big issue in Beckenham; the last foxhunt with hounds started from Beckenham Junction Station in 1901 which is 112 years ago. Personally I have never hunted myself and feel no great urge to do so either.  That having been said I would dearly like to see reductions in the Beckenham fox population; they are everywhere!

In South East London are little affected by whether there is a ban or not but friends of mine who live in the countryside argue passionately that hunting with hounds should be allowed once more.  I have some sympathy with their view that it is rightly a matter for those who do not live in towns.  

But for my part and the moment I am content with the law as it stands.  Nonetheless, should the whole matter return to the House of Commons for another decision, of course, I will be forced to think again about the whole subject.