Friday 8 November

Again Claire and I started the day yesterday helping Councillor Mary Cooke collect money for the Royal British Legion at Shortlands Station. I left the two ladies doing that at 8am and caught a train into Victoria so that I could attend the Remembrance event at St Margaret's in Westminster where I joined other members of the Cheshire Regiment recalling everyone who has died in the military - whether they were wearing British or another nation's uniform (photograph). I do not criticise any young man or woman who fought for their country and acted decently when they did so whether they were our enemies or not.

I am very pleased that yesterday Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, announced that doctors and nurses coming to work in the NHS would be given priority in getting Visas and the cost of them would be cut in half. That is hugely sensible and not before time. I support the idea of a points based immigration system which we seem to be developing. Certainly we want and need immigrants coming into the country but we must now get it under control properly - as happens in other places like Australia. That should not stop us accepting real refugees either.

Interestingly two former Labour MPs for whom I have a great deal of time (John Woodcock MP and Ian Austin MP) have now come out publicly saying they suggest people vote for the Conservatives. This was done under a banner which declared "Jeremy Corbyn. A Disgrace To His Party. A Disgrace To This Country". I know both John and Ian well and realise how hugely grounded they are/were in a principles of a decent Labour Party. It was clearly a very difficult and brave thing for them to say. This combined with the fact that Tom Watson MP, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, has decided not to stand in the General Election seems to me clear evidence that moderate, decent Labour has been overcome by the radical Left as represented by supporters of Momentum.