A Morning in West Wickham

I have just returned from spending a rather enjoyable Saturday morning walking around West Wickham.

The Climate Change Summit in New York

I am in no doubt that mankind is directly affecting the atmosphere of the World and thus the climate. I have thought this since I was a boy and asked my geography teacher what effect aircraft would have on the upper atmosphere. I was told there would be none as jet fuel was 'clean'.

The Bromley Crime Summit 2019

This morning (Saturday 14 September) I attended the Bromley Crime Summit held in the Civic Centre. It was hosted by the award winning Bromley Youth Council (BYC) and chaired by Ms Sharon Baldwin.

Prorogation Of Parliament And What It Means

The decision to withdraw from the European Union (EU) was given to the people in the 2016 Referendum and the people said we should separate from Brussels. Some have argued that we did not vote for a 'No Deal' situation but in truth we didn't vote for a 'Deal' situation either.

The Loan Charge (Again)

I remain am increasingly worried by the number of constituents who lives have been ruined by the fact that they have to pay large sums of back-tax to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).   They have to do this because they were lured or ordered into schemes that advised them to minimise the

Leaving the European Union

There is some fevered speculation about the possibility of a General Election very soon. I don’t know whether that will happen, but I do know that it will really be difficult to have one before 31st October which is, of course, the date in law on which we will be leaving the European Union.

Becalmed at Westminster

Many people talking to me say much the same these days. Firstly, like us, you must be bored sick by BREXIT and, secondly, that life must be very busy for you in Westminster at the moment.

The Threat in the High North

I do not often write about military matters because there are no MOD bases in my constituency. But I want to do so now to highlight a military matter which I believe we ignore at our peril.