Day 1: Temporary Changes to Hayes Line

At 7.13am on Monday 12th January Bob joined other commuters travelling into Charing Cross on the Hayes Line.  This was the first day that temporary changes - not stopping at London Bridge - have been put into effect.  Apart from not stopping at London Bridge the journey seemed smooth and easy and the train driver announced clearly that the last stop toi change for London Bridge was at Ladywell.  Southeastern Complaints staff on the paltform at Charing Cross told Bob that things had got off to a good start and there were few complaints - so far at least.  The photograph above shows Bob at Hayes Station on 12th January 2015.

Visit to Glebe School

 On 9th January 2015 Bob visited Glebe School in West Wickham.  He was met and shown around by Mr Keith Seed, the School's Head Teacher.  The school has had two successive 'Outstanding' gradings from OFSTED.  Bob could clearly see why this has happened as he was very impressed by everything he saw.  Visiting several classes Bob talked to as many students as possible.  As a result of his visit Bob has suggested to Mr Seed that he would very much like the School's Sixth Form to visit him in Parliament next month.


 The painting illustrated above shows a football match played by soldiers of the Cheshire Regiment against men of the German Army on Christmas Day 1914. I am very proud to say that I once commanded the Cheshires.  On 25th December 1914 a truce was agreed between the combatants and eventually someone produced a ball and a game of football was soon underway. Featured is Private Ernie Williams taking the ball off a German soldier.  Standing on the right and accepting a light for his cigarette from a German officer is Lieutenant Charles Brockbank.  Both Cheshire soldiers thankfully survived the war and Lieutenant Brockbank served in the Home Guard in World War 2.The supermarket Sainsbury's, in association with the Royal British Legion, have recently produced an advertisement  showing this truce and the actors playing the part of British soldiers from 100 years ago are all wearing the Cheshire cap badge.  I was very pleased by the advert.May I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and lovely New Year.  God Bless you all.

Srebrenica in Bosnia

From 30th November until 2nd December Bob led a delegation of MPs to Bosnia with the primary purpose of visiting Srebrenica where over 8,000 men and boys were massacred by the Bosnian Serb Army in July 1995. The trip was organised by the charity 'Remembering Srebrenica'.  Bob was the British United Nations Commander in Bosnia from 1992 - 93 and it was his troops who had first penetrated to the besieged town of Srebrenica in March 1993.  His soldiers managed to evacuate up to 2,000 people from the place before he was ordered to withdraw.  His place was taken first by Canadian soldiers and then a Dutch Battalion which played mute witness to the massacre in July 1995.  Bob was accompanied by Claire, his wife, who in 1992 - 93 was a delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Balkans.  The photograph above shows the delegation with the some of the survivors from the massacre and also mothers who lost husbands and sons. 

Beckenham turns on Christmas Lights

On the afternoon of Saturday 29th November the Christmas Lights of Beckenham were turned on by the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Julian Benington.  At 4,.30 pm Bob joined the Mayor as a procession led by Father Christmas progressed from the War Memorial to St George's Green where there had been festivities all day.  Children and many adults held small laterns as they did so. Standing on a stage and after some singing the Mayor turned on Beckenham's Christmas Lights.   Bob was photographed with the Mayor and Mrs Benington just prior to the procession beginning.

Columns Boutique

Bob tries his best to visit as many shops as possible when walking around his constituency.  On 29th November he called in to see his good friend Debbie Daniels who owns Columns Boutque in Beckenham High Street.  The above photograph shows Bob and Debbie in Columns Boutique.

Visit to Columns Boutique

Bob spends a lot of time visiting shops throughout the constituency.  On 29th November 2014 he was in Beckenham High Street and popped in to see the proprieter of Columns Boutique, Debbie Daniels.  Ms Daniels has been a good friend of Bob's since he was elected as Beckenham's MP.  He is pictured with Debbie Daniels inside the Boutique.

Swan Landlord visits HMS St Albans

Bob Stewart and Mick Powley, joint landlord with his wife Lisa of The Swan in West Wickham, climbed aboard HMS St Albans from a pilot vessel off Gravesend on 26 November.  Mick and Bob joined the warship, a Type 23 Frigate, as it approached the Pool of London with good reason.  Mick and Lisa Powley's son, Jimmy, is a sailor aboard HMS St Albans and was prevciously a student at Langley Park Boys School, where Bob also has two children.  The above photograph shows Mick and Jimmy Powley aboard HMS St Albans.

Bromley Healthcare

On 14 November 2014 Bob visited the Headquarters of Bromley Healthcare where he was met and briefed by its Chairman, Raoul Pinnell.  Bob was very pleased to hear that Bromley Healthcare medical practitioners are now visiting 40 per cent more patients than they had in the past and customer satisfaction was very high too.  Eighty one per cent of patients said they would recommend Bromley Healthcare to their friends which is much higher than normal NHS services.  Bob is pictured with members of Bromley Healthcare Management Team.

Hayes World War Exhibition

On Saturday 8 November Bob spoke at the official opening of the Hayes World War Exhibition in the Village Hall. The event was designed to remember the 100th anniversary of the First World War but also included exhibits from the Second World War as well.The primary focus of the exhibition was the show how local people from Hayes had responded to and been involved in the two world wars.  Particularly poignant were letters sent home to Hayes from the front lines.  The organising committee had done an amazing job and the exhibition was flooded out by visitors from near and far. Bob is photographed above with May Eyre who was a steward at the event.