Local News

Monday 8 May

At 11.30am this morning my agent, Tony Power and I, formally registered my name as the Conservative Candidate for Beckenham with the Electoral Registration Officer in the Civic Centre in Bromley.  Thankfully we managed to have all the many forms correctly filled out.  The first photograph shows u

Sunday 7 May

Tony Power and I went to help out Conservative Candidate Gavin Barwell in Central Croydon again.  We travelled to Shirley Hills Car Park, the established rendevous now, and from there got a bundle of leaflets to deliver.  There were quite a number of people from Beckenham there.  Tony and I deliv

Saturday 6 May

Today I began by dropping my son off at the BYMT for 9am.  Then I went and had breakfast with chums at in the Moonlight Cafe at 269 Croydon Road as I often normally do on a Saturday.  The Moonlight Cafe's owner is Mr Remzi Yidirum who is now a good friend.  This morning we were photographed toget

Friday 5 May

I walked to the Abbeyfield Retirement Home at 114 Bromley Road talking to people I passed as I did so.  One couple specifically stopped their car and chatted to me.  Everybody I spoke to seemed very supportive which was pleasant.

Thursday 4 May

Today much of the country goes to the polls for local elections and the Tories are pinning their hopes on Andy Street winning the mayoral contest in Birmingham. 

Wednesday 3 May

I find it much easier to campaign now – having been adopted last night as the official Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Beckenham. It semed a little presumptious before that.

Tuesday 2 May

Today was my last day as an MP until (I hope) re-election on 8 June. I worked in my Beckenham Office during the morning – mainly on casework – and then had lunch in the Rascasse with a group of friends.

Monday 1 May

Today was the May Day Bank Holiday.  So, in the morning I could take two children to Sutton where they had piano lessons with their tutor.  On return, and after a quick lunch, I drove to the Royal British Legion in Hayes and chatted in particular with an old friend, Sean Lyden, for a few minutes.

Saturday 29 April

As during the last General Election in 2015 I have decided to write a blog saying what I have done each day and this is Day 1 of it.