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Defeating Coronavirus 48

It must be very difficult for young people at the moment. For them youth is all about excitement – going out, hanging together, parties, pubs, clubs, London and dating (doesn’t that really show my age?)! All gone for them 7 plus weeks ago and really with no change date in sight.

Defeating Coronavirus 47

Today, 75 years ago the country celebrated victory in Europe. However, the war with Japan was still running and would cost many additional lives for a few more months. But what a huge relief the end of war in Europe must have been.

Defeating Coronavirus 46

I haven’t commuted to London from Shortlands for 7 weeks but I am told by others that the rush hour is hardly that these days. Like me, if they can, most people in house arrest are working from home using making use of dining or kitchen tables, chairs, stools and perhaps their own bed.

Defeating Coronavirus 45

Have I become a ‘sad’ man or what? I am starting to look forward to going to my nearest supermarkets, Tesco’s at Elmers End, Lidl in Beckenham or Waitrose at the Junction. A visit could be the highlight of my day. Maybe I am becoming institutionalised – and obviously a home worker?

Defeating Coronavirus 44

Yesterday, along with other local MPs and by telephone, I was briefed by the Council Leader, Chief Executive and appropriate Directors of Bromley Council about what they are doing to help residents during the Coronavirus emergency. This briefing now takes place weekly at 11 am on Mondays.

Defeating Coronavirus 43

What plan does the Government have now? Obviously, it dearly wants lockdown to end but it is seriously worried that, any relaxation in counter-measures and whether the transmission rate of Coronavirus will jump hugely again.

Defeating Coronavirus 42

Two weeks ago, I joined the Westminster based China Research Group (CRG) at its launch. As a consequence of the way the Chinese Government is behaving as it continues its rise as a World power the CRG aims to promote open and fresh debate and thinking about how we in the UK should respond.

Defeating Coronavirus 41

By now I believe no adult in the country can be unaware of how Coronavirus spreads its infection.

Defeating Coronavirus 40

Having been a United Nations (UN) Commander I am a fan, albeit a reluctant one sometimes, of the organisation. Yes, it is imperfect but it is all we have got and nowhere is there another World forum where all states get together.

Defeating Coronavirus 39

I don’t think in any scenario gamed by any British Government has a total lockdown of the people ever been envisaged. But here we are in such an unplanned scenario and it was totally unpredicted.