Cap On Social Care Funding

Bob Stewart MP has welcomed the decision by the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to place a cap on the total cost of social care that every person in the UK will have to pay should they require it in later life.

The Government unvelied significant proposals in Parliament to change the way in which social care will be funded from 2017.

There will be a lifetime cap of £75,000 which will apply to the cost of care that people receive, either in their own home or when living in a care home. The means test level for people entering a residential care home will also rise from £23,250 to £123,000.

Bob said: "I congratulate the Government for taking steps to finally tackle this problem, because too many of my constituents who have saved all their working lives, find themselves losing their home and the bulk of their savings when they are at their most vulnerable in life. This simply is not fair, and I hope these proposals go some way to easing that burden."