Helping constituents

I hold regular surgeries for my constituents who have individual problems they would like my help in resolving. Sadly for security reasons I am  unable to publish dates, times and venues in public,

If you would like to attend a surgery, please get in touch with my Westminster office. Do let me have your full contact details including name, address, e-mail address where available and a day time telephone number. Please also give a brief description of your problem.

Note also that as most constituents have easy access to computers, it is not necessary to attend a surgery in person if you need help. An e-mail giving a summary of your problem, with contact details as above and relevant reference numbers is usually sufficient. If necessary I or one of my staff will telephone you to clarify any queries.

Before you contacting me, do check that you are a constituent of mine by inputting your postcode into the search box on the Homepage of this website. You can also check who your MP is by inputting your postcode into this search box on the Parliament website: For legal, practical and ethical reasons, MPs can only act for their own constituents.

If you are contacting me to seek help for another person who is over the age of 18, then I will need their express permission to intervene on their behalf and to discuss their situation with you as it would be illegal for me to do so except in the most critical circumstances. The law applies even if you are a close relative such as a partner, parent or child. They can either write to me, or send me an e-mail from their personal e-mail address.

however if you have Power of Attorney over the constituent's affairs arranged by a solicitor, or you have been appointed their Guardian by the Court of Protection, then please advise me of when the power to act on their behalf was given.

My address, e-mail and telephone number are given on the Homepage of this website. Alternatively pleas use the Contact Form page on this website.